Being productive feels so good!

I have always been an avid seamstress and knitter up until I was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer in Sept. 2010. Chemo, surgery and radiation knocked me out of action for almost two years. I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything. I had so many side effects from chemo I felt disabled, in fact I still do to some degree. I have permanent hair loss, short term memory loss along with word finding problems and a third of the energy I use to have. The thought of the beast returning hangs over my head like a black cloud.

It has been three years since that horrible diagnosis. I remain cancer free at this time. The dark cloud is still there, but I have to say I do forget about it once in awhile. Some people say to get on with my life and just forget about it. That’s not so easy when every time I look in the mirror I see a bald woman. When talking to someone I often become frustrated with my brain. I have to limit my activities to the things that really have to get done, because I will get too tired. I am learning to accept my limitations and not worry what others say or think.

Sewing, knitting and some quilting are some of the things I love to do best. These are things I can do now. Being productive really helps your outlook. I am so thankful my mom and grandmother taught me to do these things. I am slowly picking up speed and doing more and more in the sewing room. It feels so good!

I want to share some of the projects I have been working on. I have made this shirt before. It is my TNT pattern for a button up blouse. I wanted to make something that I knew would fit. I am a plus size, pear shape figure. I NEVER sew anything without doing major alterations on the pattern. In the future I will have to do a little more work on this pattern, because I have had a double mastectomy without reconstruction. I will have to rotate those darts or somehow get rid of them. Not having a bust is a whole new problem I need to figure out.. Here is the pattern:

Here is the blouse:      Sewing 003 (2) Sewing 005 (2) Sewing 006

My Daughter has been trying to get me to try purse making so I bought this pattern and these fabrics:

Brendas-Bag-sewing-pattern-SC26-Sewphisti-Cat-Designs-front         Sewing 002

I usually don’t like sewing crafty things, but I have to say that I LOVE purse making. It was fun and fast. now I want to make several different purses in different colors. Here is my new purse:

Sewing 009 Sewing 010 Sewing 011 Sewing 012


4 thoughts on “Being productive feels so good!

  1. Very nice commentary Kim. It’s encouraging for me to read your perspective on things. I’m honored to be the man you have walked this difficult path with.

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